Venezuela's Chavez promises oil for Belarus

President Hugo Chavez promised to supply the oil needs of Belarus for years to come Saturday, while the former Soviet republic's leader agreed to help Venezuela beef up its military. As President Alexander Lukashenko concluded his first visit to Venezuela, Chavez said both he and his counterpart are wrongly labeled "dictators" by Washington and their critics. "The international media dictatorship ... calls him 'Europe's last dictator,' and me the last dictator of Latin America. Here we are, the last dictators. But it's written in the Bible: the last will be first," Chavez said, laughing. "They demonize us ... (because) we're leading a process of liberating our nations, uniting our nations." Venezuela and Belarus share similarly hostile stances toward Washington. The US government labels the leftist Chavez a threat to Latin America's stability and calls Belarus an "outpost of tyranny," accusing Lukashenko of stifling dissent and free speech.