EU statement warns Iran of further sanctions

EU warns Iran of further

The European Union on Friday warned Iran of further sanctions should it fail to cooperate with the international community on its nuclear program. A draft statement expected to be approved at a summit in Brussels expresses concern over Iran's repeated rebuffing of international overtures intended to calm concerns that it intends to develop nuclear weapons. It threatens the Islamic republic with further measures unless it exhibits a change in attitude. Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates also predicted significant international sanctions would be levied if Iran continued with its current nuclear program, and he reiterated that all options, including military action, must stay on the table. "I think that you are going to see some significant additional sanctions imposed by the international community," Gates said, speaking to troops in Iraq. He added that "any military action would only buy some time, maybe two or three years." His comments came a day after United States, Britain and France warned that Iran risks increased sanctions unless it immediately complies with a series of Security Council resolutions regarding its nuclear program.