22 killed northeast of Baghdad in suicide attacks

A woman with explosives strapped to her body attacked the office of a Sunni group that had turned against al-Qaida in Iraq - one of two suicide bombings in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad that killed at least 22 people. An Iraqi official claimed the woman was seeking revenge for her two sons who were killed fighting for al-Qaida. The two brazen attacks on Friday were the latest in a series of al-Qaida assaults against members of the new "awakening groups" - mostly Sunnis, including former insurgents who have begun cooperating with the Americans to rid their communities of extremists. The first attack occurred at midmorning in Muqdadiyah when a woman detonated explosives in front of the building housing the office of the 1920 Revolution Brigade, a Sunni insurgent group whose members in the area switched sides this year and joined the fight against al-Qaida.