Ahmadinejad's gov't temporary, Lieberman says

Strategic affairs minister: Israel actively supports Iranian opposition groups; sanctions the way to go.

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lieberman 298.88
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"The Iranian leadership with Ahmadinejad at its helm is temporary," Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said Monday in an interview with Israel Radio's Farsi station. Lieberman, who was participating in a call-in program that also hosted callers from Iran, also said that Israel was actively supporting Iranian opposition groups. The Iranian administration is "a band of crooks jeopardizing the security of Iran and the entire world," he said. "Instead of investing in the economy, [they] are investing in terror and Hizbullah, and I hope the Iranian people will remember this the next time they line up to vote." Regarding Iran's nuclear program, Lieberman said that he favored economic sanctions over military action, adding that sanctions have been successful in thwarting such programs in Libya and North Korea. Unfortunately, however, "the Iranian people are the ones who will pay the price of the sanctions," he lamented. "Already today there is fuel rationing, unemployment and inflation. All the large banks in Iran are on the verge of bankruptcy… [while the] administration, which holds foreign bank accounts, is unscathed by the sanctions."