Eye on Iran: Failure of the theocratic state

Friends, there is no solution to the current problem. Iran will get their nuke and Iran will use that nuke. Posted by M. Rudolph.

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Posted by M. Rudolph
The sad and sorry truth of Iran is how religion and politics do not mix. The power that flows from politics corrupts man, and man corrupts religion. Israel in the hands of its orthodox Jews would be no different. Also note, Iran has no one to blame except its corrupt mullahs. No one else. It has fabulous oil wealth and talent, and yet it has squandered everything and has sunk to lowest levels of degradation where now Iran actually supplies other Islamic countries with its young girls. To me, nothing is more sickening than this. The actual danger of the Iranian society is that it cannot deal with the issues of the day; the drugs, the prostitution, the poverty, the economic stagnation. Why? Because to admit to any of these problems is to admit that the Islamic revolution has been a failure. To admit that the Islamic revolution has failed is to say that Islam has failed.
Then throw in the idea of the Iranian end times, where the final conflict is to be between the Jews and the Muslims, with Israel being destroyed. Nothing could be more tempting than this: The ultimate showdown, sponsored by God Himself. Now what is all this leading to? There is no solution to the Iranian crisis. Iran cannot stop hating Israel, because without Israel, Iran would face the greatest threat to its own existence. It would have to deal with its own failures, and, as mentioned, this is impossibility.
Also, the Arab world is forced to sit back in impotent rage as all Islamic ideals are desecrated by Iranian corruption and state-sponsored terrorism. At least in Iraq, Islamic atrocities can be blamed on the international Zionist conspiracy.
And now all you have to do is toss in a few more bits of historical data: European appeasement. Europe will do nothing. In fact Europe will find away to shift the blame to Israel, for two reasons: to appease their Muslim populations and because most Europeans see Israel as the reason for the high cost of fuel. The Russian gamble to keep oil prices high so they can leapfrog back into a super power status (this time with financial resources and oil leverage); and the old Chinese proverb, that by doing nothing, everything gets done; which means, leave Iran alone, as long as our oil supplies are guaranteed. The Chinese see no reason for the existence of Israel.
So what is all this leading to? Friends, there is no solution to the current problem. Iran will get their nuke and Iran will use that nuke. They have no other choice. For the current Iranian administration to back down means to admit that Islam has failed.
Do we have a precedent for such a suicidal and bizarre attitude? Yes we do. Nazi Germany. Hitler, in order to preserve his vision, felt that unless Germans were worthy, that unless they were willing to fight to the death, to the last German, then it was either total annihilation of the enemy or themselves. All you have to do is to look how the Germans prolonged the war and continued on with their final solution, which resulted in the total devastation of the German nation and the unprecedented rape and pillage by the Russian victors.
I suppose that perhaps you are thinking, "what about a regime change?" Forget it. The current holders of power will not release it. Iran, in order to maintain its power, would quickly foment a war if it felt power was about to slip away. This could be easily done via Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, or within the Gulf of Hormuz where all the oil flows through.
What about Israel attacking Iran in a pre-emptive strike? It could be done, but countries like China and Russia who have drawn their power political line in the sand will not tolerate such action because they would see it as American super-power politics by proxy which they could not accept. They would have to retaliate, and then?
So there is no way out. As I see it; the end times have arrived... Stay tuned... More signs and warnings to come...

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