FIFA suspends Iran for government interference

Says Iran's soccer federation "not adhering to principles of the FIFA Statutes."

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FIFA suspended Iran from international soccer Thursday because of government interference. FIFA said Iran's soccer federation was "not adhering to the principles of the FIFA Statutes regarding the independence of member associations, the independence of the decision-making process of the football governing body in each country and the way in which changes in the leadership of associations are brought about." The decision was made Wednesday at a meeting of FIFA's emergency council. The governing body of world soccer doesn't allow political interference in the affairs of national federations. FIFA said it had given Iran a Nov. 15 deadline to reinstate its elected president, Mohammed Dadgan, and come into compliance with FIFA statutes. "This deadline was not met," FIFA said. Iran, which has qualified for the 2007 Asian Cup, will only be reinstated after drafting new statutes and organizing a new election under the supervision of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation. "The lifting of this suspension would depend on the above road map being accepted and fully implemented by the relevant authorities in Tehran," FIFA said.