'Iran has 4 Israeli spy drones in its possession'

The 'Tehran Times' reports that Iran has several foreign spy planes in its possession which it plans to exhibit soon.

US predator drone_311 (photo credit: Reuters)
US predator drone_311
(photo credit: Reuters)
Iran plans to put several foreign unmanned spy planes it has in its possession on display in the near future, including four Israeli drones, the Tehran Times quoted an informed source as saying on Thursday.
The source said that Iran also has three US drones in its possession, including the RQ-170 unmanned aircraft that Iran displayed on television last week.
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The Tehran Times quoted the source as saying that the Israeli drones had entered Iran's airspace along its eastern border.
The US drone, which Iran claims to have brought down on December 4, is the most advanced of the unmanned spy planes in Tehran's possession, the source stated.
Iran stated earlier this week that it planned to "reverse-engineer" the RQ-170 drone and mass produce it in the near future.
On Tuesday, US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers was quoted as saying by AFP that, while "it's not a good day for the United States" when a hostile nation obtains US technology, the threat of Iran "reverse-engineering" the technology and mass producing the drone, as it has promised, does not pose that great a threat to the US.
""The good news is, while they're spending time re-engineering, we will be spending time engineering, and that's the biggest difference," Rogers stated.
"They're very proud that they're going to re-engineer this, and I hope they spend five, six, seven, eight years doing that, that would be great, because we'll be long past that," he added.