'Iran sanctions won't stop arms deal'

Moscow official: "Resolution does not apply to air-defense systems."

Iran missile. (photo credit: AP)
Iran missile.
(photo credit: AP)
MOSCOW — Russia said Thursday that the new UN sanctions do not forbid the delivery of S-300 air-defense missiles to Iran.
Israel and the US have urged Russia not to supply the missile system, which would substantially increase Iran's defense capability. Russia agreed to sell the missiles in 2007, but has not yet delivered them.
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The UN Security Council resolution passed Wednesday bans Iran from developing ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, investing in nuclear-related activities and buying certain types of heavy weapons.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko told journalists that the UN resolution does not apply to air-defense systems, with the exception of mobile missiles.
He spoke after the Interfax news agency, citing an unidentified source, reported that the S-300 contract would be frozen because of the new UN sanctions.
The Foreign Ministry also has warned that Russia will retaliate if the new UN sanctions lead to separate sanctions against Russian companies or individuals.