Israeli Embassy condemns Berlin pro-Iran march

Germany disappoints by not taking Iran threat seriously, it says; no politicians present at pro-Israel counter-demonstration.

SIX HUNDRED ISLAMISTS march at an Al-Qods Day in Berlin, 370 (photo credit: Thomas Peter/ Reuters)
SIX HUNDRED ISLAMISTS march at an Al-Qods Day in Berlin, 370
(photo credit: Thomas Peter/ Reuters)
BERLIN – Israel’s embassy in Germany took an unusual step on Monday when it slammed the pro-Iran al- Qods march that took place on the weekend in downtown Berlin as a hate-filled pro-Iran propaganda event.
Traditionally, Israel’s Embassy proceeds with caution and uses temperate language when criticizing domestic German affairs.
Nevertheless, in a statement released on its website and on its micro-blog Twitter account, the Israeli embassy wrote that it “condemns the march of hate that took place on the streets of Berlin on August 18. It deals with a demonstration that was organized by the Ayatollah regime in Iran.”
The statement continued, “the heads of the regime at a parallel event in Tehran called for the destruction of the State of Israel and used anti-Semitic slogans. We regret that such demonstrations take place every year in Berlin.”
As many as 1,000 Hezbollah and pro-Iran supporters marched through the heart of downtown Berlin, calling for the end of Israel and urging resistance against the Jewish state. The widespread indifference of German society toward the the al-Qods march in Berlin prompted the columnist Gunnar Schupelius to write a biting column in the daily B.Z. ahead of the protest.
He blasted the authorities for permitting the anti- Israel event to take place.
The embassy’s decision to criticize the al-Qods protest suggests disappointment that Germany’s political class has not taken the Iranian threat seriously.
There were no German politicians present at the pro-Israel counter-demonstration on Saturday.
Iranian dissidents, pro- Israel leftist groups, and members of the Berlin Jewish community voiced support for a ban of the al- Qods protest and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.
Dr Kazem Moussavi, a German-Iranian dissident and fierce critic of Iran’s regime, who spoke at the anti-al Qods protest, told The Jerusalem Post Saturday that Iran’s regime fears a transformation such as in Tunisia and Egypt.
He said Iran’s leaders have shifted their attention to al- Qods and propping up Syria’s Assad regime rather than deal with the destruction of an earthquake in northwest Iran.
The number of earthquake deaths topped 300 victims with over 3,000 injured.
Al-Qods demonstrations blanketed major European cities. In Vienna, YouTube videos showed supporters of Iran’s regime marching on Saturday, waving Hezbollah and Palestinian flags and calling for the destruction of Israel. Pro- Israel activists staged counter- events with an estimated 50 protestors slamming the violent anti-Semitism of Iran’s regime.