Peres: Ahmadinejad has no future

President Shimon Peres lashed out against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday for sowing terror, hatred and destruction at a time when so many people in the world are dying of hunger. Speaking to reporters at Beit Hanassi on Wednesday regarding anti-Israel statements made by Ahmadinejad to the UN Food Summit in Rome, Peres said: "The world is hungry, food is becoming scarce and millions are starving. The world is hungry for food not for poison, terror, hatred, fear and destruction. What is Ahmadinejad giving to the world other than terrorism and hatred? That's what he does every day." By contrast, noted Peres, Israel - which is such a small country in comparison to Iran - is one of the best agricultural producers in the world, providing solutions for food shortages and irrigation. "Unlike him (Ahmadinejad) we did not develop terror while the world became increasingly hungry… He comes with his demagoguery and capriciousness, but he has no message, so he has no future."