What's in the UN sanctions

A rundown

UNSC 311 (photo credit: AP)
UNSC 311
(photo credit: AP)
The new Security Council resolution:
 • Strengthens an arms embargo by banning the transfer of conventional arms
   and missiles;
 • Prohibits Iran from buying heavy weapons, including attack helicopters
   and missiles;
 • Bars Iran from investing in nuclear industries, including uranium mining;
 • Targets 40 companies subject to an asset freeze;
 • Names one individual, Javad Rahiqi, the head of the Isfahan Nuclear
   Technology center, and places him under a travel ban and asset freeze;

 • Authorizes inspections of cargo entering or
   leaving Iran;
 • Prohibits countries from allowing Iran to invest in
   nuclear-related industries;
 • Calls on countries to block certain financial
   transactions, including a ban on licensing
   Iranian bank.