Likud MK claimed that Labor and Meretz lists deny the Holocaust

The Meretz Party sent Ploskov a letter demanding she and the Likud publish a formal retraction of her statement, threatening to sue for slander and violation of election propaganda law.

MK Tali Ploskov  (photo credit: Courtesy)
MK Tali Ploskov
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Meretz Party sent a warning letter to Likud MK Tali Ploskov on Thursday, threatening to sue her for slander after she made inflammatory remarks in an interview regarding representatives from the Labor and Meretz lists for the upcoming election.
The warning letter demanded that Ploskov and the Likud formally and publicly retract her statement, adding that they reserve the right to sue the MK for slander, due to the statement having no basis in fact, with the letter referring to it as "an outright lie."
"We are very sorry to see that even the Holocaust has become just another tool in the hands of the Likud's election propaganda," the letter reads.
In addition to the potential personal claims of slander threatened by Meretz in the letter, the party also claimed that Plaskov's statement meets the terms to qualify as "misleading propaganda," as defined by article 13 of the Israeli election law.