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Cabinet meeting on August 2 where the budget was approved

Marathon Knesset debate begins ahead of critical budget votes

The 2021 budget must be passed to prevent the Bennett government from falling. The voting is set to end by Friday morning.


What will it take to pass Israel's budget? – Timeline

Here is a timeline of this upcoming week's sessions at the Knesset to get the state budget passed.

Mansour Abbas, head of the Ra'am party, seen at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, on

Likud aims to draft Ra'am MK to sink coalition budget

Likud officials spoke to Ra'am MK Mazen Ghanaim and told him that if he votes against the budget, the opposition will pass a bill authorizing building a hospital in Ghanaim's city, Sakhnin.


Netanyahu protests Yesh Atid minister’s threat

“The government will likely break up between the budget’s passage and the rotation for a variety of reasons,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reportedly said.


Former health minister Edelstein challenges Netanyahu for Likud leadership

Likud members speculated that Edelstein was banking on Netanyahu stepping down if, as expected, the budget is passed in November.


Netanyahu visits Mahane Yehuda market to reinforce power in Likud

Benjamin Netanyahu visited the shuk and bought falafel, but did not eat it on his way to the van parked illegally waiting for him.


High Court rejects Likud petition to strike down Knesset committee setup: 'illegal'

The opposition has argued proportional representation of opposition MKs on key committees is the only way to ensure checks and balances against power grabs by the coalition.

Edelstein mocks Netanyahu for saying current gov't may last until 2025

Speaking at a conference of local authorities, Netanyahu said: 'We will return quickly and fix things. [Our return] could take two weeks or three and a half years.'


The Likud’s conundrum and unparliamentary language - opinion

The Knesset speaker and his deputies can only demand that those addressing the House withdraw a comment if he/she refers to another MK as a Nazi, a terrorist or a murderer.

Edelstein throws down the gauntlet against Netanyahu

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: By stepping into the ring against Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Knesset speaker is betting that he can change the minds of the Likud faithful.

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