Otzma Yehudit MK calls for control of Gaza Strip

Limor Son Har-Melech called for a settlement to build the Gaza Strip anew following the end of the war with Hamas.


Lapid calls for new Likud-led gov't without Netanyahu, extremists

Lapid explained that he didn't think Netanyahu could remain prime minister because the public had lost faith in him socially and for security.

Netanyahu's media advisor wears IDF uniform despite not being drafted

Jonatan Urich is one of the prime minister's most senior and loyal associates.


Netanyahu to opposition leaders: Join emergency gov't unconditionally

National Unity suggested that the war cabinet be given the majority of authority over war management.

'Left-wing Israelis will burn synagogues,' Beersheba mayoral candidate warns

According to a police complaint, Beersheba Deputy Mayor Shimon Boker used "inciting language" in his ad.

Israel's ruling faction pressures police to halt protests at ministers' homes

The Likud party has submitted an appeal to Israeli police in regard to a decision that would allow protesters to hold demonstrations near the homes of Likud party members.

Likud politicians urge Ayelet Shaked to switch sides, join Likud

"If she runs in the primaries, she'll be in the top ten," said a Senior Likud MK. Shaked had no comment when asked about the switch.


Jews protesting in US even worse than Iran or Palestinians - Likud lawmaker

"It is a fact that they are aligned with Iran and Palestinian-affiliated protest group," MK Nissim Vatouri claimed. They are worse than them."

Israel's nuclear commission head refuses to side by High Court - report

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Moshe Edri, unofficially affiliated with the ruling Likud party, has not committed to siding with the court in case of a constitutional crisis.

Prophecies and prayers: A Rosh Hashanah quiz

The political-security quiz gives you the chance to make predictions for the coming year.

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