Israeli Election

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Lapid meets with Abbas for coalition talks

Abbas has become somewhat of an unlikely kingmaker since his party cleared the threshold to gain four Knesset seats, which could allow him to recommend either Netanyahu or his challenger, Lapid.

Israel's election problems require political surgery

Lurking beyond the past two years of political limbo in Israel are historic problems that require political surgery

Israelis vote again: Democracy? Or dystopia?

Elections are meant to choose a competent functioning government. In Israel, we voted four times – and got a string of dysfunctional ones.


Netanyahu calls rivals to join him, warns of fifth election if they don't

"We cannot be dragged to a fifth election," Netanyahu said. "I reach out my hand to all of my colleagues who agree with me. I do not reject anyone who agrees with these principles."

Did the COVID vaccines give Netanyahu a victory shot?

Pfizer’s vaccines saved Israel – and may have inadvertently rescued the prime minister as well.

Rabbis and Imams release doves of peace at the Isra Dubai Business Forum, December 16, 2020

Come together

Now is the time to stop this baseless hatred, find common ground – and even if we can’t love our neighbors, at least let’s respect them.

Israel Police preparing throughout the country for voter turnout, March 23, 2021.

Israel Elections: Voter fraud, police attacks, and prisoners

In Netanya, two incidents of identity fraud were reported by Israel Police. Three individuals were arrested for pretending to be polling officials.

President Reuven Rivlin visits cleanup efforts at Herziliya beach after oil spill

Which Israeli party ranked most 'environment friendly' ahead of elections?

The Index found that the biggest improvement came from right-wing parties, with New Hope and Yamina putting together "impressive platforms" with no significant environmental activity beforehand."

Where did Israel's prime ministerial candidates go on election eve?

Netanyahu, Lapid, Sa'ar, Bennett, Gantz: Everyone prefers to handle the pre-elections stress differently. Take a look!

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