holocaust denial

Facebook's stand against Holocaust denial should lead the way online

Facebook should be applauded for halting the spread of antisemitism online, but the other social media platforms need to follow suit.

Facebook to remove Holocaust denial content from social media platform

Mark Zuckerberg said he has long struggled with finding the balance between freedom of speech and the harm of Holocaust denial.

Florida school board votes to rehire principal accused of Holocaust denial

The board was divided 4-3, with the only Jewish board member arguing strenuously against Latson’s rehiring.

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan mee
Shifting perceptions of the Holocaust in the Arab world

It is not everyday that a minister of an Arab or Muslim state visits a Holocaust memorial.

Study: Over 1 in 10 Americans under 40 thinks Jews caused the Holocaust

15% said they thought the Holocaust was a myth or has been exaggerated, and 20% said people talk about it too much. Nearly half said they had seen Holocaust denial online.

The IDF West Bank Courts continues to be disrupted by political and legal battle.
Court rules principal shouldn't have been fired for doubting Holocaust

In October, the Palm Beach County School Board fired Latson from his post at Spanish River Community High following a four-month suspension.

Facebook algorithms actively promote Holocaust denial, think tank finds

Typing “holocaust” in the Facebook search function brought up suggestions for denial pages, which point users to publishers that sell revisionist and denial literature.

The Twitter application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017
NCYI calls on social media to adopt international antisemitism definition

Both Twitter and Facebook have been criticized for allowing antisemitic content to remain on their sites.

Survivors appeal to Facebook to remove Holocaust denial posts

In digital campaign, message to Zuckerberg is “Holocaust denial posts on Facebook are hate speech and must be removed!”

Lauded 'anti-racism activist' has ties to Holocaust denial group

An image of Jim Curran went viral after he was photographed at a Black Lives Matter rally in London, but Curran regularly attends antisemitic conspiracy theory meetings.

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