holocaust denial

Al-Jazeera’s Holocaust legacy: Justification alongside outright denial

Holocaust denial is not the only type of antisemitic discourse led by Qatar.


Antisemitic Arabic posts on Holocaust overwhelmingly ignored by social media moderation

CyberWell found the phrase “Hitler was right” was used over 2600 times, with a potential reach of 1.8 million users, since the beginning of April 2024.

‘It is better to have anti whatever out in the open’: Nick Fuentes to be reinstated on Musk's X

Musk’s free speech commitments remain inconsistent: The same day the said he would restore Fuentes, he proposed deporting people who remove the American flag and fly another in its place.


Holocaust survivors talk online denial in new digital campaign

The Claims Conference will one video every day for 30 days. Each video ends with the tagline: “Words matter. Cancel hate.”

National Library, Shoah Foundation preserve Holocaust, October 7 records

This will make Holocaust educational materials more accessible to those with Israeli IP addresses.

Mohamed Hadid: Netanyahu kills more children a day than Hitler’s Auschwitz

Mohamed Hadid compares Netanyahu to Hitler, the war in Gaza to the Holocaust, distorts the Holocaust, and rewrites Jewish history.

Hamas has the West eating out of the palm of its hand

There are those denying the October 7 attacks, and Hamas knows this. Its foolish followers are encouraging it to spread its lies, thus leading everyone down a dark and dangerous path.

Comparing October 7 to the Holocaust

In a world of abundant information and growing populism, we see inverted truths and cynical distortions of reality, where events of the Holocaust are used for provocative headlines and speculations.


Holocaust denial finds new life in Oct. 7 revisionism

The Network Contagion Research Institute found that TikTok, Reddit, and 4chan hashtags accusing Israel of staging, or misleading narratives, about October 7 were tripled in the weeks after the attack.

One-fifth of young Americans believe Holocaust is a myth - poll

According to the polling results, young Americans hold more anti-Jewish sentiment than any other group.

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