Ancient coin discovered during Brazilian visit to Shiloh

Elected officials from Brazil just happened to be visiting the archaeological excavation in the Benjamin Region when the coin was discovered.

A Hasmonean era coin found at an archaeological excavation in Shiloh, June 2019 (photo credit: BINYAMIN SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
A Hasmonean era coin found at an archaeological excavation in Shiloh, June 2019
A rare coin was discovered at an archaeological dig in Shiloh during a visit by Brazilian officials this week.
The 2,000 year old coin from the Hasmonean period was uncovered as a delegation of governors and congress members from Brazil were briefed by Dr. Scott Stripling who heads the excavations at the site where the Biblical tabernacle once stood. 
Today, there is a modern Jewish community in Shiloh and the Brazilian delegation met with local residents to learn about the political situation and the history of the area.
The visit was a part of a tour of the Benjamin Region of Samaria, located in the post-1967 areas north of Jerusalem.
Among the participants where Everaldo Dias Pereira, head of the Social Christian Party who made headlines three years ago when he baptized Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, then Federal Deputy for Rio de Janeiro, in Israel's Jordan river.
Also participating in the Benjamin Region trip were Wilson Lima, Governor of the state of Amazonas, Claudio Castro, Deputy Governor of Rio de Janeiro, and other elected officials.
The Brazilian delegation visited the Psagot Winery, where locally produced kosher wine is manufactured and sold around the world. There they met with Israel Gantz, head of the Benjamin Regional Council.  
"A major part of Biblical history took place in the Benjamin region," Gantz told the delegation. "Almost every hill has antiquities from ancient times. Our role is to revive healthy and happy lives in these hills," he stated.
Gantz stressed education as a major focus of the council as well as improving infrastructure.
Located in Area C of the West Bank, the Benjamin Region has dealt with numerous security issues from terrorists emanating from the nearby self-governing Palestinian Authority areas. Gantz praised the local emergency volunteer teams that operate in the Benjamin Region's over 40 communities. He also demonstrated a new locally-developed smartphone app for immediate response in dangerous security situations.
Analine Castro, wife of Rio de Janeiro's Deputy Governor, said she was impressed by faith of the local women of Shiloh. She mentioned the Bible story of Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel who prayed for a child at the tabernacle in Shiloh. Castro said during her visit she too prayed on behalf of a close friend who was suffering form infertility like the Biblical Hannah.
Casto added that sometimes one must "prioritize collectivity" over selfishness, referring to Hannah's vow to allowing her son to be raised with the high priest for a life dedicated in the service of the community.