Anglo Media secures greater access to Israel's English-speaking market

Anglo Media will also take over the publishing and advertising operations of Torah Tidbits for the Orthodox Union (OU).

A screenshot of the website (photo credit: JANGLO.NET/SCREENSHOT)
A screenshot of the website
Marketing agency Anglo Media has increased its access to Israel’s English-speaking community with the acquisition of and by securing a partnership with popular weekly publication Torah Tidbits.
Owned by veteran businessman Ariel Topf, Ramat Beit Shemesh-based Anglo Media works with businesses and professionals to advertise their services to Israel’s English-speakers and Jewish communities abroad. The company previously published English-language monthly magazine Bizness for seven years., an online community for English speakers, was founded in 2001 by Zev Stub and records approximately 150,000 monthly visits. The website offers a business directory, in addition to information on jobs, housing, events and relevant news. Anglo Media acquired, which also offers advertisers access to a large mailing list, for an undisclosed sum.
Anglo Media will also take over the publishing and advertising operations of Torah Tidbits for the Orthodox Union (OU).
Printed for more than 27 years, Torah Tidbits is a popular, weekly English-language parsha sheet distributed to more than 500 synagogues across Israel that also offers an opportunity for advertisers seeking to engage with the Anglo community. Under the new partnership, Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider has been appointed by the OU as the new editor of the publication.
Topf told The Jerusalem Post that the acquisition of and partnership with the OU would increase Anglo Media’s marketplace penetration. Acquiring, Topf said, meant the acquisition of “18 years of hard and dedicated work.”
“It’s a brand. You can hardly find any ‘Anglo’ in Israel who is not familiar with it. We needed Janglo’s website and social media positioning in the marketplace to help us accomplish our corporate mission,” said Topf.
“By partnering up with the OU we are committed to making the Anglo community the biggest winner in this deal, as the OU will continue to deliver the highest standards of Torah articles by its qualified writers, while Anglo Media does what it does best: publishing world-class products that help improve the quality of life of the Anglo community in Israel.”
While was previously run by Stub as a home-based business, Topf said the entire website is being entirely revamped by a large team of professionals to enable easy navigation and offer Israel’s Anglo community an increasingly professional resource. In the case of Torah Tidbits, the company produced its first issue last week, and Topf said feedback has been positive.
“The Anglo community in general feels more comfortable dealing with Anglo professionals, businessmen and services providers. Our publications both online and in print fill that need of providing such a valuable information resource,” said Topf.
“The ‘soul’ of our business is to help once with the difficult task of earning a good parnasah [income] in Eretz Israel. We are helping people grow their businesses in a way that they never saw before. This provides them with the stability to deal with all the other challenges related to establishing oneself in another country.”