Woman arrested for drugging her children to defraud National Insurance

The woman pretended that her children were disabled in order to fraudulently receive about NIS 50,000 from National Insurance.

 Israel Police officer in a police car (photo credit: FLASH90)
Israel Police officer in a police car
(photo credit: FLASH90)

A special investigation team of the police and National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) investigators arrested a Netanya resident Sunday morning on suspicion of fraud, deception and abuse of the helpless by drugging her minor daughters. She did this in order to receive disability benefits and special services from the National Insurance Institute.

Upon receiving the suspicion that a resident of Netanya was giving her six- and seven-year-old daughters materials in order to befog them when she came to the medical committees, an undercover investigation was opened in the National Insurance Investigations Division. In accordance with the serious news, a special investigation team was established in cooperation with the Investigations Division of the National Insurance Institute and the Netanya Police Station.

During the investigation, a suspicion arose regarding the creation of a false representation of the mother before the committees in the National Insurance, which concern all eight of her children, amid allegations that they have special needs. This, while the children are perfectly healthy. As stated, the mother did so in order to receive benefits fraudulently in the estimated amount of NIS 50,000.

money (credit: REUTERS)money (credit: REUTERS)

Meanwhile, police investigators at the Netanya police station arrested the suspect, conducted a search of her home and seized various medical documents that were transferred to further extract evidence. In addition, welfare officials came into the picture in order to care for all the children. The police intend to bring the suspect to the Magistrate's Court in Petah Tikva for a hearing tomorrow, requesting an extension of her detention in accordance with the needs of the investigation and its findings.