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Israeli lab grows 'magic' mushrooms to treat depression

Psilocybin has been shown to have a positive effect in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, anorexia, obesity, cluster headaches, Alzheimer's, PTSD and a variety of personality disorders.

Police seize 20 tons of 'whippets' from Kiryat Ata resident

The discovery came after a joint investigation conducted by the police and Health Ministry.


Father of cannabis celebrates 90th birthday at int'l cannabis conference

The 4-day symposium was held in Jerusalem this year for the first time ever after last year's was canceled due to COVID-19.

Israeli crime boss Meir Abergil released from prison

Abergil was sentenced by the Tel Aviv District Court in 2018 to five years in prison for a combination of conspiracy to commit a felony, drug offenses and economic crimes.

Khat disguised as basil found in Israeli shipment bound for Europe - WATCH

While Khat is a traditional herb, it is often used for recreation and medicine in many parts of the Middle East; The United States and several countries in Europe have outlawed the drug.

Coronavirus: Anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen do not worsen symptoms, study indicates

The results did not show any significant association between the drugs and severe coronavirus conditions, including mortality and critical conditions.

Turkish UAV drone stops 1.5 tons of marijuana being smuggled out of Syria

Using a UAV to track and catch drug smugglers at sea represents a unique capability for the Turkish employment of UAVs, which can stay aloft for many hours and scan wide areas.

Twenty-five killed in deadliest Rio police raid since 2005

Police said in addition to drug trafficking, the gang robbed trucks of cargo and held up commuter trains to steal from passengers.

Prescription pain pills are dumped out on a table.

Drug used to treat diabetes can reduce renal and cardiovascular mortality

As kidney damage and failure are increasingly common, deadly, and expensive, Farxiga, can help save the lives of those suffering from chronic kidney disease.

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