Jerusalem residents arrested on suspicion of blackmailing minors

The suspects, Shimon Regev and Aaron Kosovsky, 20, were arrested Tuesday morning and their arrest was extended until Thursday.

Police vehicles (photo credit: SHLOMI GABAI)
Police vehicles
(photo credit: SHLOMI GABAI)

Two 20-year-old residents of Jerusalem, Shimon Regev and Aaron Kosovsky were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping a minor at knifepoint and blackmailing and threatening other minors. Their arrest was extended until Thursday.

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday morning at their homes as part of an investigation by central Jerusalem district police, who believe that the suspects committed the crimes over the last few months in the Jerusalem area.

 Israel Police (illustrative) (credit: Moti Karelitz/Flash90) Israel Police (illustrative) (credit: Moti Karelitz/Flash90)

What are the allegations against them? 

According to the allegations, in one case, the suspects coerced a minor to transfer hundreds of thousands of shekels and property to them, one source said.

In another case, the suspects allegedly hung a minor upside down from the ceiling and blackmailed him.