The David Tower shines on the Netanya beachfront

This past year, the David Tower was acquired by the Prima Hotels chain, which seeks to help tourists discover the country’s beauty.

 THE DAVID TOWER in Netanya. (photo credit: DAVID TOWER)
(photo credit: DAVID TOWER)

If you are looking for an affordable upscale hotel on a panoramic beachfront where you can also benefit from a restorative spa experience, the David Tower in Netanya could be what you need.

This past year, the David Tower was acquired by the Prima Hotels chain, which seeks to help tourists discover the country’s beauty, along with local charm and contemporary design fused together.

The journey opens with a visit to the spa, the pool and the sauna.

Top-notch professionals handle the soothing massages in a tranquil atmosphere designed to relax the soul.

To create an adult atmosphere, the hotel markets to ages 16 and up.

 THE DAVID TOWER in Netanya. (credit: DAVID TOWER) THE DAVID TOWER in Netanya. (credit: DAVID TOWER)

The pool is relatively small, but with the hotel itself only housing 77 rooms, it was not overly crowded and there was plenty of room to swim.

Anyone looking for an intensely burning sauna experience will be thrilled with the facilities, while amateurs looking for a more mild restful experience may not stay in for too long.

At dinner, this reviewer was treated to a range of around a dozen courses of unique creative dishes of fish, chicken, meat and pastas mixed in with other unexpected tastes and presented in exquisite fashion.

This was part of a special event for journalists, also attended by Netanya Mayor Miriam Fierberg.

The good news is that for anyone who wants to make a reservation for a special-event dinner, the hotel’s chef is extremely talented and can tailor to the needs of the customer. Also, the hotel serves Shabbat dinners every week.

But on a regular day, the hotel serves breakfast, not dinner. It was quite a sumptuous breakfast, with a diverse range of salads, freshly cooked omelettes and pancakes, and a variety of breads, pastries and hot and cold drinks.

The hallways have a mix of a classic feel with some Eastern imagery, along with calming music – but happily music that stops at one’s bedroom door.

The rooms themselves are sizable, modern and equipped with spacious showers, and many have excellent balconies overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean.

Of course, all of that is in the hotel itself.

The beachfront is only minutes away, though getting all the way down to the waterfront can take a few more minutes until you find the right set of stairs or elevator down.

The beach itself is pleasant and outfitted with many accoutrements and activities that improve the beach experience.

Nearby there is a large square with a fountain, a carousel and other summer attractions.

Returning to the building, a visitor finally fully appreciates the unique hybrid nature of the building, which operates as a hotel on the several lower floors, and as an apartment building for several upper floors.

This can also impact parking since part of the lot is reserved for the permanent residents, but there did appear to be enough parking for the guests – once you find the lot, which at night is hard to spot, tucked underground at the end of the hotel.

Hotel room prices for midweek during the winter range start around NIS 595 or NIS 835, depending on whether you add on the delectable breakfast. Spa treatments can be added on at a discount for another NIS 300 for guests of the hotel.

Weekend prices hit closer to NIS 1,000 and up, with Shabbat dinner available for an additional NIS 250.

The writer was a guest of the hotel.