Lema'anchem to host conference exploring AI in medical practices

Top medical professionals from Israel and abroad are expected to present in a series of panels and demonstrations.

  The 2022 Lema'anchem conference (photo credit: Courtesy)
The 2022 Lema'anchem conference
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Artificial intelligence and its increased role in the medical field in Israel will be put on display at this year's Lema'anchem medical conference, in conjunction with the Weizmann Institute.

Lema'anchem is a medical organization that provides guidance through medical procedures and a co-sponsor of this year's conference, which will focus on cyber and technology-based medical assistance through innovative techniques in the ever-changing world of medicine.

After the inaugural conference's success, the organization's chairman, Rabbi Yossi Arablich, collaborated with Prof. Alon Chen, the president of the Weizmann Institute of Science in order to address one of the hottest topics in the medical advancement field.

The conference, to be held in October 2023 in Rehovot, will be a common ground for medical professionals and CEOs of the world's leading high-tech companies focused on artificial intelligence. Some of those in attendance include Israel Prize Laureate Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye, Alon Chaimovich CEO of Microsoft Israel, and Yossi Matias, Vice President of Google Global and CEO of Google Israel.

 The 2022 Lema'anchem conference (credit: Courtesy)
The 2022 Lema'anchem conference (credit: Courtesy)

In addition, Gil Shovid, Israel Prize Laureate and co-founder and CEO For Check Point, and Ruthie Kider, Vice President and Director of the Health Sector at Microsoft Europe, will be in attendance.

They will all be joined by directors and hospital managers from the Israeli health system, in addition to representatives of the health funds in Israel.

Medical demonstrations put to the test - and on display

The conference will include lectures and panels alike focused on artificial intelligence in medical practices. Each panel will dissect the risks and rewards of AI in the medical world, and in a first, will even view live demonstrations of AI in practical use in medical procedures. Though the list of lecturers is yet to be released, the conference organizers promise a list of top-level speakers from Israel and abroad.

 What to expect at this year's Lema'anchem conference (credit: Courtesy)
What to expect at this year's Lema'anchem conference (credit: Courtesy)

Conference host and organizer Rabbi Yossi Arablich, chairman of Lema'anchem, stated, "Aside from the medical help and guidance we provide to dozens of cases every week, 'Lema'anchem' has championed innovation in the world of medicine, which is manifested in collaborations with researchers and universities, along with scholarships for doctors going to study abroad 'To."

"But it is natural," adds Rabbi Arablich, "that 'for your sake' together with the Weizmann Institute will lead the discussion around the subject of artificial intelligence which is the next thing in the world in general and in the world of medicine in particular. I have no doubt that the conference will give added value to high-tech projects and also to the other side which is the dedicated doctors ".