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Israeli biotech firm's ALS treatment shows safety of use in trials

The objective of this trial was to evaluate the safety of their treatment, with a secondary objective of the trial of estimating its preliminary efficacy.

natural gas

16 hospitals across Israel to switch over to natural gas

The hospitals will be connected to cogeneration power stations which will provide all required energy resources to the hospitals, including electricity, heating and air condition.

Israelis wear face masks for fear of the coronavirus as they walk through the market in Ramle on May

How did Israel crack the coronavirus code and what's next?

Israeli doctors and scientists look back at how the country has handled COVID-19 and predict what might happen next

Study: Increasing number of hospital beds won't solve overcrowding

"Conversations with physicians have revealed that they feel additional hospital beds will not significantly change the situation, and that what needs to change are hospitalization procedures."

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