Barak: Netanyahu, in his current conditions, knows no bounds

The former prime minister said that political agreements of the sort suggested by President Reuven Rivlin “can’t be enforced.”

Ehud Barak speaks at a press conference with his Israel Democratic Party. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI/MAARIV)
Ehud Barak speaks at a press conference with his Israel Democratic Party.
Former prime minister Ehud Barak, who also holds the tenth place in the Democratic Union Party, gave a comprehensive interview on Monday to the Jerusalem’s Post sister publication Maariv in which he slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that in his current situation, before facing a legal hearing about his conduct, Netanyahu “knows no bounds.” 
When asked about the alleged close relations between Netanyahu and world leaders such as US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Barak mentioned that, in his past, Putin served in Russian intelligence and used to operate agents in the field. 
“How does one operate agents?” Barak asked rhetorically. “The handler takes you to a restaurant or a Turkish sauna, all that time he tries to figure out what releases dopamine in your brain," Barak said, referring to the hormone released by the brain to provide a sensation of pleasure.
"Netanyahu loves a photo opportunity,” Barak added, “so [Putin] invites [Netanyahu] to take pictures.
“Is that friendship? Putin does what’s good for Russia,” Barak said, “and uses Netanyahu, but knows what the price would be to take a picture.” 
When discussing the alleged warm relations between Trump and Netanyahu, Barak said that these are “legends Netanyahu tells the public.” 
“[Trump’s] Deal of the Century had better chances to become a massive achievement, even a breakthrough, if the country was led by a government made up of so-called 'traitors,'” Barak said ironically, “like myself or [third place in the Democratic Union party] Yair Golan or [head of Jewish Agency] Isaac Herzog. Why? Because they would really discuss things in a truthful manner.” 
According to Barak, Netanyahu’s sole intention when dealing with the Trump administration is to manipulate things so that he can place the blame on the deal’s failure on the Palestinians.     
“Netanyahu spent many years in diplomacy,” Barak said, “in places where it’s important what you say, so he got the idea one can do nothing and walk between the rain-drops.”
“He is not a magic worker, only a talented manipulator,” he added. 
When discussing the offer of President Reuven Rivlin to Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz that they form a unity government and agree Netanyahu will serve as prime minister until such a time he may face legal issues, and at this point, Gantz will take the helm and Netanyahu will get to keep the title of prime minister until his legal affairs are placed in order – Barak confessed he is “unable to understand the presidential offer.” 
“Such agreements are based on a gentleman-like understanding,” he said, pointing out that nothing can compel Netanyahu to honor it once Gantz agrees to sit with him in coalition, “and they can be broken by people who lack boundaries – and Netanyahu is so desperate, he is in that condition.”