An indie New Year’s Eve

This coming New Years Eve has something for virtually any music fan willing to brave the cold weather on a work night.

THOSE LOOKING to be out on New Year’s Eve have a lot to choose from (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
THOSE LOOKING to be out on New Year’s Eve have a lot to choose from
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Before the decade comes to a close and the media takes a collective look back listing all of the significant events and performances of the decade, the Israeli independent scene is committed to squeezing in a few more.
Musicians from across the musical spectrum will be playing around Jerusalem and throughout virtually any major street in Israel’s indie capital – Tel Aviv.
With admission prices ranging from very low to free, and genres ranging from electro-punk to samba, this coming New Years Eve has something for virtually any music fan willing to brave the cold weather on a work night.
JERUSALEM Indie Ball at the Yellow Submarine
The “incubator” project, funded by the Jerusalem Foundation, takes four bands every year and pairs them with producers and musicians, helping them build a work plan in order to navigate the chaos and bureaucracy that comes along with being a musician in Israel.
This year, the project chose to focus on the Jerusalem-based alternative-rock band Fixed Stars, folk singer Yiftach Dekel, the middle-eastern orchestra Midrasa and Jazz Singer Maya Penington. Opening the night will be a DJ set by DJ Bamya. 
Admission Price: 30 NIS. Doors open at 20:30.
The Yellow Submarine club; HaRechavim 13
20’s Rockabilly Ball at the Mazkeka
One of Jerusalem’s hottest performance venues promises a very interesting night, with a rockabilly ball in the theme of the roaring twenties. Top hats and fancy suits will fill the air as a cracking line up featuring Middle Eastern rock band The Turbans, alternative oddity The Crotches and indie supergroup The Girls will rock the stage.
Admission Price: Free. Doors open at 21:30.
Mazkeka; Shoshan 3
Lala Tamar at the Hansen
After touring the world on stages from Morocco to the Netherlands, soul singer Lala Tamar comes to the Hansen for her single-release. Along with keyboardist Sharon Mansur, and groove-master Matan Caspi, Lala brings a blend of mesmerizing soul singing, Moroccan hip dancing and sharp electronic beats guaranteed to leave audiences wanting more.
Admission Price: Free. Doors open at 21:30.
HaDir – The Bar at Hansen; Gdalyahu Alon 14
TEL AVIV Punk Rock and Y2K at the OzenBar
Israeli punk veterans Tabarnak, hot off the release of their latest single, will be headlining the legendary OzenBar in central Tel Aviv. Ever since the band changed their name in 2018, they have been touring the country, playing venues small and large, including performances at two of Israel’s largest indie festivals, SoLow in Haifa, and InDnegev in the South. Scene favorite punk band Helem will open for them. Following the shows, will be a celebration of 20 years since the infamous Y2K virus threatened, yet ultimately failed completely, to unravel all modern technology. Partygoers and punks alike will be 90s-themed as they count down the seconds to midnight. Guaranteed to be a wonderful night for anyone who loves to mosh.
Admission Price: Punk shows - 50 NIS, Y2K party - 50 NIS. Doors open at 19:00, party starts at 23:00.
OzenBar; King George 48
Electro-Punk Night at the Romano House
For the first time in Tel Aviv, electronic musician Shuzin will do a live adaptation of his 2016 album on the 2nd floor of the Romano House. “MAKOT” is a concept album presenting the ten plagues of Egypt in the form of dark, cold beats. Featuring a wall of synthesizers played by Shuzin himself, and two drum stations played by Yonadav Halevy and Ofer Bymel.
Leo will be opening the night with heavy weight dub and grime tunes, while Jahrkon will be playing dark jungle and dancehall tunes to close.
On the ground floor of the Romano House, in a smaller room, music lovers will be treated to the chaotically-sweet, electronic anarchy mystery that is BEÃTFÓØT. Self-described (and aptly so) as “somewhere between the Spice Girls on crack and The Prodigy on skates,” this mess is definitely one not worth missing.
Admission Price: Free. Doors open at 21:00 for Shuzin, 22:00 for BEÃTFÓØT.
Romano House, Jaffa Road 9
Brazilian vibes at the Zone
Tel Aviv hipster mainstay The Zone offers a very special new year’s eve for any fans of Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova and Samba lovers. Maestro Juares dos Santos and his band Rio Sul will be joined by Andre Golovati and his band Sambadobom in a night full of Brazilian rhythms. DJ Tsuri Almagor will be opening the night with Brazilian beats, ensuring that attendees will be dancing from the moment they arrive.
Admission Price: 90 NIS (70 presale). Doors open at 20:00.
The Zone; HaRechev 13
Disco night at the Levontin
As some look ahead, party line Stussi and legendary club Levontin 7 seem to prefer looking back at one of the silliest and most magical of musical genres to grace the 20th century: disco. The underground venue will showcase sets by SHAFFI, Goinist, Jimmy Din and REA, and is sure to help bring disco-lovers into 2020 with a nostalgic blast from the past, mixed with modern electronic influences.
Admission Price: 50 NIS (40 presale). Doors open at 21:00.
Levontin 7; Levontin 7