Double Standard delights in Tel Aviv

Double Standard is an excellent example of why Tel Aviv should be known as the city of cocktails.

Double Standard cocktail bar in Tel Aviv (photo credit: DROR EINAV)
Double Standard cocktail bar in Tel Aviv
(photo credit: DROR EINAV)
Paris may be the city of light and New York the city that never sleeps, but Tel Aviv can make a bolder, more delicious claim. In the past few years, Tel Aviv has truly become the city of cocktails.
Happy hours and quirky bars illuminate Tel Aviv's neighborhoods like lights on the Seine. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right bar for you. Look no further, because Double Standard is here to satisfy all your cocktail needs.
Double Standard is centrally located on Dizengoff and Nordau, in Tel Aviv's Old North neighborhood. The bar is within walking distance to the Tel Aviv Port, Metsitsim beach and Yarkon Park, which makes it the perfect spot to have drinks with your friends or partner after a long, active day.
Double Standard's atmosphere is elegant, without being intimidating unlike some other trendy Tel Aviv bars. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available: the patio seating is recommended for a relaxed night out with friends, while the indoor seating has a more intimate vibe, complete with comfy couches and romantic lighting.
My partner and I arrived at the bar in time for 1+1 happy hour, which goes from 6-9pm. The waiter greeted us warmly, introduced the bar's new winter menu and asked what we usually prefer to drink -- bitter, sweet, fruity, etc? I was recommended the Bitter Fall, a cocktail made with aged rum, bourbon, coffee liquor and Campari, which sounded great to me. My drinking partner got the Done Dill, made with gin, dill-infused vodka and Lillet Blanc.
Bitter Fall (credit: Becky Brothman)Bitter Fall (credit: Becky Brothman)
My Bitter Fall arrived and I immediately took notice of its gorgeous pink-orange color. Also pleasing was the single, large ice cube in the center of the glass. To me, using the correct ice cubes for cocktails separates the amateurs from the professionals. I took a sip -- the alcohol content is generous to say the least. The flavors are bold and strong, but none of the ingredients seemed overpowering.
My partner's Done Dill came in a sophisticated salt-rimmed glass. The taste was light and refreshing - this is definitely the drink to order when you want something clean and simple. Like the Bitter Fall, the balance of flavors was just right.
All that drinking made us hungry, so we decided to order some dishes from Double Standard's new winter food menu. I got the Truffle Ratatouille Focaccia, made with eggplant, mushrooms, truffle, carrot and mozzarella. The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I could tell the ingredients were top-notch and enjoyed every mouthful. The portion is large, making this a perfect dish to share.
Veal sausage and roots cream (credit: Dror Einav)Veal sausage and roots cream (credit: Dror Einav)
My partner ordered the Veal Sausage And Roots Cream, which came with carrot, cabbage and ginger coleslaw. I don't eat beef, so I'll take his word for it that it was excellent. I did, however, try both the coleslaw and the roots cream. The coleslaw had a strong Asian flavor due to the ginger, but the roots cream was the real star of the show. It made for a unique twist on a dish that would normally come with heavy mashed potatoes. The roots cream was light and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I nearly stole his entire portion.
While we were eating our food, the waiter brought us another cocktail to try. The Kiss And Fly, made with gin, bitters, strawberry syrup, vanilla and egg white, is pure fun. The light pink-colored drink comes in a tall glass topped with a beautiful pink flower. The egg white makes the drink frothy and light, while the gin comes out as the dominant flavor. A girls' night out is not complete without ordering the Kiss And Fly.
Kiss And Fly cocktail (credit: Dror Einav)Kiss And Fly cocktail (credit: Dror Einav)
I followed up the Kiss And Fly with an Old Fashioned, the classic cocktail made with cognac, bourbon, rum and sweet bitters. I've had my fair share of Old Fashioned cocktails, so I think I'm properly qualified to judge Double Standard's version. The drink was strong and just felt luxurious, highly recommended. My partner ordered the Solero, a cocktail made with rum, mango, passion fruit and cherry tomato syrup. He loved this drink, which was fruity, refreshing and just plain fun to drink.
The staff was knowledgeable and attentive, our waiter even gave each of us a delicious pineapple vodka shot while we waited for our second round of cocktails.
Overall, Double Standard is a must-visit cocktail bar and I will definitely be back to try more of their new winter menu items soon.
Double Standard
Dizengoff St 247, Tel Aviv
Not Kosher
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.