HStern launches a new Collection

And at its center, the flower: FLOW(er)

Flow(er) by HStern - earrings in Noble Gold with diamonds (photo credit: Courtesy)
Flow(er) by HStern - earrings in Noble Gold with diamonds
(photo credit: Courtesy)

HStern launches a new Collection And at its center, the flower: FLOW(er)

During the launch of the New Collection, the Gold Rush Events will take place, as part of a framework that allows one to exchange old gold at a value of 25% higher than the market price, for the purchase of new jewelry from HStern. 

The luxury jewelry brand HStern is launching a new Collection, FLOW(er), inspired by the fluid lines and organic shapes of the flower, which became an icon during the 1960s and 1970s following the “Flower Power” movement. The movement espoused an ideology of non-violent protest during the Vietnam War and from it came the well-known slogan of “Peace and Love.”

The flower children adopted the flower as a symbol for everything and began to wear flower-embroidered clothing in bright colors, to weave flowers in their hair, and to give out flowers to the public. 

The floral ornaments and bright colors have been translated into timeless jewelry in 18-karat gold, in a gold hue, a champagne color exclusive to HStern and set with cognac diamonds, which are accentuated by blackening certain parts across the jewelry. The new Collection includes earrings, rings, a bracelet and necklaces that combine organic and dynamic flower shapes, which together with the inlaid diamonds, turn the petals into shining pieces of timeless jewelry. Prices: Starting from NIS 10,040.

The luxury jewelry brand HStern, for the 22nd consecutive year, is holding the Gold Rush Events, during which customers are given a preview of a new capsule collection, as well as the opportunity to trade in old gold in their possession and receive 25% more than the market value, for the purchase of new jewelry by HStern.
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