Israeli model stars in Kardashian makeup ad

Yael Shelbia still attends a religious girls school in Nahariya.

Kim Kardashian (photo credit: REUTERS)
Kim Kardashian
(photo credit: REUTERS)
When Kim Kardashian West's new makeup line hits online shelves on Friday, there will be a familiar face in its ad campaigns: Israeli model Yael Shelbia.
The Nahariya native is one of several models starring in the images for "The Classic Collection" from KKW Beauty.
The Instagram account for KKW Beauty posted its first peek at the Classic Collection on Wednesday, ahead of the launch this weekend, with a photo of Shelbia alongside models Amy Black and Mari Taylor.
Shelbia, 17, re-posted the image on her own account writing: "Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing," and adding a heart emoji.
The Israeli model has made waves in Israel, in particular due to her religious background.
In an interview on an Israeli talk show last month, Shelbia said she considers herself religious, refuses to work on Saturday and attends an observant girls school in Israel.
"I call myself religious, since I observe Shabbat, and I very much believe," she said on the show. But, she noted, others have cast aspersions on her religiosity in light of her modeling career.
Shelbia said she ignores those with negative things to say, and said she has big dreams of working abroad, although one thing might slow her down a little: her plans to enlist in the IDF next year.
While Shelbia is working for Kardashian, the international supermodel and reality star herself is being courted for an Israeli ad campaign - for the Bar Refaeli-fronted eyeglasses brand Carolina Lemke.
In March the company's CEO said they were at an "advanced stage" of negotiations with Kardashian, which would include shooting commercials alongside Refaeli.