Kids’ summer collections

Around the world in children’s clothes.

Castro. (photo credit: SHAI YEHEZKEL)
(photo credit: SHAI YEHEZKEL)
With Purim under our belts, it’s time to fold up the costumes, press our Passover bests and set our sights on summer. That’s right, spring is here, and with it a great opportunity to clean out our children’s closets and add a few warm-weather essentials because, as we know, the Israeli summer doesn’t call ahead, it arrives full throttle with no advance warning. The following are a few inspired kids’ collections from around the world, all available in Israel, to be ogled during the coming weeks.
Let’s begin with a jaunt to the heart of American retail – Gap. For nearly 50 years, Gap has sustained its position as America’s No. 1 retail staple. Consistent, reliable and wholesome, Gap’s collections stay aware of the trends in the fashion world without bowing to them. Its children’s division, which includes Gap Kids and Baby Gap, are one-stop shops for small frames, offering clothing for every type of occasion, from accessories to shoes. This summer, the girls’ collection is full of fun shades like coral, safari green and vibrant yellow, while the boys’ line focuses on primary colors. As always, there is a mix of solids, prints and graphic Ts. As Gap is one of the larger clothiers around, the collections are constantly being refreshed, and there is something for everyone. Highlights for this summer include girls’ varsity shorts in fun prints like jungle safari, shark-themed pool gear for boys and the soft newborn line in dreamy whites and creams.
Gap items can be purchased in Gap stores around Israel or on the website
Our next stop on this kids’ adventure is Brazil, or at least that’s where Israeli brand Flamingo began. Based in Tel Aviv, Flamingo tailors each collection to the specific wants and needs of the Israeli child. Founded and run by members of the Meizler family, Flamingo brings the tropical flair of Rio de Janeiro to the minimalist fashion of Tel Aviv. Blending together metallic, cool grays and neons with iconic images like pineapples, flamingos and palm fronds, the summer collection is whimsical yet practical.
This year, Flamingo will introduce two new forays. The first delves into the baby world with an ultra-chic newborn collection. The second is the import of sandals. As every Israeli parent knows, getting through the summer without a good pair of sandals is nearly impossible. Flamingo’s shoe line is all about comfort and ease.
Flamingo is available at the store at 38 Basel Street or on
Taking a pop over to Europe, we stop in Paris at Catimini. Founded in 1972 by Monique and Paul Salmon, Catimini is devoted to bringing all the exuberance of French fashion to small shoppers. The summer collection is packed with endless prints, full, twirling skirts, preppy button-downs and surf wear. Although Catimini has more than 200 stores worldwide, its clothing was not available to the Israeli market until this month, when the label opened a two-floor boutique in Hamedina Square.
To view the Catimini collection, visit
Landing back in Israel, we arrive at Castro for a look at the 2016 summer collection, which includes a special white line for Passover. Since unveiling the kids’ line in 2013, Castro has become a go-to for parents throughout the country. The collections mirror the adult lines, nodding to international fashion trends while maintaining a consistent thread of basics. Unlike its counterparts in the market, Castro’s summer kid’s collection focuses on subdued hues like ballerina pink, peppermint and heather gray. And for the sophisticated wardrobe, Castro offers the mini-me collection, which takes adult basics and translates them into child sizes. 
Castro clothing can be found in stores around the country and on