MOTHER’S MILK: Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

Herzliya, May 14.

(photo credit: SARIT AZOULAY)
Choreographer Rami Be’er has introduced an outstanding creation, a mesmerizing, ripe and cohesive work, performed by the strongest ensemble of dancers the Kibbutz Company has ever had.
Be’er, by choosing the unsettling title Mother’s Milk, declares that personal emotions are shared universally, and by dedicating this strong and sensitive work to his parents, both of whom he lost this year, he shares the basic power of love.
On the dark stage, a man points a strong lamp toward the corner and reveals among the sharp shadows a couple dancing, gesturing, and somehow we know that the scene depicts images of the past in a moment of solitude, desperation and love. A second later, the present reigns. A dancer stands center stage, performing a solo, followed by a line of solos which introduce the cast, each with his distinct presence.
From the first moment the dancers radiate the energy much needed for such a challenging creation. Be’er’s assured hand introduces beautifully tailored sequences with a greater sense of freedom, more sensuous than before, colored by his subtle humor.
Perfect timing and carefully smoothed passages intertwine large group scenes and intimate, focused duets and trios, which are Be’er’s forte. As a gifted lighting designer, Be’er supports his work with a great attention to detail and should also be complimented for the intricacies of the soundtrack, together with steady partner Alex Claude.
Mother’s Milk is an important milestone in Be’er rich career and will be remembered for its inspired art and exceptional cadre of dancers. Kudos to Shani Cohen and Martin Harriague, and bravo to all 19 participants.