WATCH: Gal Gadot's epic debut in first Wonder Woman trailer

Warner Bros. releases first trailer for superhero movie staring Israeli actress.

New Wonder Woman trailer
The first trailer for the upcoming blockbuster flick "Wonder Woman," staring Israeli actress Gal Gadot, aired Saturday at the annual four-day Comic-Con convention for film and pop culture in San Diego, California.
Staring as the iconic warrior princess-superhero, Gadot is seen taking center stage in the action-packed trailer that provides a glimpse of the film based on the epic comic book character.
At the conference, the cast of Warner Brothers' Wonder Woman discussed exploring the origins of the Amazonian warrior heroine played by the Israeli actress, and bringing a strong female lead to the male-dominated superhero movie world.
This year marks the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman's debut in comic books.
"Wonder Woman has the heart of a human and the strength of a goddess and combination of the two is very powerful," Gadot said.
The film is due to hit theaters in June 2017.