Starbucks coffee capsules coming to Israel

Coffee-lovers were happy to hear that their extended stay at home will not deprive them of a good cup of Joe.

Starbucks coffee capsules are coming to Israel (photo credit: NESTLE)
Starbucks coffee capsules are coming to Israel
(photo credit: NESTLE)
Despite the previously-failed attempt, Starbucks is coming back to win over Israelis' hearts, but it won't be through the regular coffee shop.
The biggest coffee company in the world, Nestle, is teaming up with the biggest coffee shop chain in the world, Starbucks, to sell Starbucks coffee capsules in Israel.
Beginning in May through the Israeli subsidiary Osem-Nestle, the move will coffee-lovers throughout the country, who are either under quarantine or social distancing, an ounce of relief.
Eight unique coffee flavors will be sold throughout all of Israel as a part of a joint cooperation between Nestle and Starbucks which began around 2018.
Capsules are just the beginning; Nestle is planning on bringing more Starbucks products, not just to Israel, but the entire world.
The capsules would suit Nespresso machines, which are very common throughout the country.
"This is a process in which two of the leading coffee brand names in the world, Nestle and Starbucks, are grasping hands to make one of the most well-known and loved coffee brands available throughout the world," said Avi Ben Asaig, CEO of Osem-Nestle Group.
"Starbucks is an iconic brand which many Israelis search for the second they step off the plane," he continued. "We are bringing the brand to the customers' homes and believe that this process will open the capsule market in Israeli stores while displaying innovation and a wide range of products for all of the coffee-lovers."