Suzanne Dellal dancers invite the public for outdoor performances

To celebrate Israelis returning to enjoy the public space after COVID-19 lockdowns, the Suzanne Dellal Center created family oriented performances meant for the open air.

Dancing Outdoors (photo credit: MAX DMITRIEV)
Dancing Outdoors
(photo credit: MAX DMITRIEV)
The Suzanne Dellal Center will offer outdoor events meant for the general audience to mark Israel’s return to normalcy after a tense year of COVID-19 lockdowns. All shows are free of charge. 
Artistic director Naomi Perlov said that what she likes about this project most of all is how simple it is. 
"We go out into the public space with good dancers and a sound system," she explained, "and we are able to share the works of some of the best Israeli choreographers with everybody, so that all may enjoy them.”
Twelve dancers will perform at the square outside the center next Monday and Thursday, and the following Tuesday – which is also Election Day. There will be two afternoon performances daily.
“This project offered me all the things I missed during the last lockdown,” said dancer Noaa Gornich. 
“Mainly, the ability to go outdoors and meet people who love culture and are craving to experience it again, and to do what I love doing and sharing it with the world.” 
Choreographer Nadav Celner, who created the open-air performance Good intent, described the show as a “magic which happens between the dancers and the audience.” 
“It brings a whole different level of energy,” he said. 
Due to the open space situation, small children and families are now able to experience this art form.
Dancing Outdoors was jointly created by the SDC and the dancing training program at Bikorai Haetim. The shows will take place at 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Monday March 15, Thursday March 18 and Tuesday March 23. Admission is free.