WATCH: Bar Refaeli pulls April Fool's prank on unsuspecting customers

An absent-minded worker unpacked a big surprise this April 1st.

Hoodies and Bar Refaeli play an April Fool's day prank on customers (Matan Cohen Gromi)
Sunday shoppers entering one special Israeli clothes store were met by a bespectacled brunette who seemed to be very absent minded and direct.
"You need extra-extra large," she told one stunned woman before telling a male client his haircut is "the other way around." 
"Bar Refaeli was here a while ago," confessed the brunette, "but I couldn't take my picture with her because she was mobbed by other people." 
When attempting to reach items to sell, she knocked them off the shelves and asked clients for help in folding the clothes, staring at the pile with a confused look.
The befuddled clients were asked if they would like to take a selfie with the worker. When they agreed, she removed the wig and glasses to reveal her true identity - Israeli supermodel, and Hoodies brand ambassador, Bar Refaeli.
This is not the first time Refaeli has displayed a sense of humor while representing Hoodies.
In an earlier commercial, which received mixed reviews, she was presented as wistfully observing an attractive young man before realizing it is her younger brother, On Refaeli, who also works as a Hoodies ambassador.