WATCH: Putin tells a joke about the IDF

The Russian president cracks a joke about the Israeli army to deflect the panel.

Putin tells a joke about Israeli army. (YouTube/RT)
Believe it or not, Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for having a sly sense of humor. So when he felt he was being unfairly targeted at a panel discussion on energy two weeks ago, he hit back with a joke... about the IDF.
"Do you want to hear a joke about the Israeli army?" he asked. And since it's Putin, he didn't wait for an affirmative response before continuing. "A young soldier is asked: 'If you see 20 terrorists, what would you do?'"
"'I would take an Uzi and shoot them.' 'Good.' 'What if a tank was coming at you?' 'I would take a rocket launcher and defend myself,'" Putin continued.
"'And what if you see planes, tanks and terrorists together?' He replies: 'General, am I the only one in this army?'"
"So, I'd like to ask you: Am I the only one on this panel? Next to me are other people!"
The crowd dutifully laughed and applauded.