Dead Sea

The Sea of Salt.

A desert canyon leads in to the Dead Sea  (photo credit: ARIK BAREL)
A desert canyon leads in to the Dead Sea
(photo credit: ARIK BAREL)
The Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest body of water, but still, one of the most intriguing lakes in the world.
It is located right on the edge of the Judean Desert and its surface is over 1300 ft below sea level which makes it the lowest point on the surface of the earth. The eastern part of the Dead Sea belongs to Jordan while the southern half of its shores belongs to Israel.
Every year visitors from around the Mediterranean basin flock to this spectacular destination.  It is well known for its healing powers, and it is said that the water has healed many people who suffer from arthritis pain, back pain, knee pain, and many other illnesses.
But not only does it heals; but it is also is a supplier of a wide range of products, such as the dead sea mud mask. 
This article will discuss the following:
The Dead Sea is called “dead” because fish and aquatic plants cannot live in it due to its high concentration of salt. It is also referred to as “the salt sea” in the book of Genesis. The name “Dead Sea” was given to it because of its high salt content. However, if it’s flooding, the salt content will decrease. 
  • Fauna and Flora
    • Fissures were discovered in the Dead Sea so fresh water always enters it.
    • Animal species can be found in the mountainous areas of the Dead Sea as well as birds of different species.
  • Settlement
    • Small community settlements are in the surrounding area of the Dead Sea.
    • There are also several dead sea hotels that are located on the Southwest end.
    • On the Northern shore, there is a golf course that was built by the British.
    • On Jordan side, there are seaside resorts hotels, and resorts apartments on the Eastern Shore.
  • Environmental Concern
    • The Dead Sea water is declining and environmentalist are concern about the issue. It was noted that the industrial activities that are taking place near the Dead Sea are decreasing the sea’s condition.
The fact that the Dead Sea is in the desert, means that it has beautiful, warm and sunny weather all year round. 
  • In the summer months of June through to September, the temperature of the Dead Sea is between 32 and 39 0C (90 and 102 0F).
  • In the winter months of December through to February the temperature drops between 20 and 23 °C (68 and 73 °F with mid-day highs of low 70s that still allows for floating.
  • In spring and fall, the temperature ranges anywhere between 60 – 90 0 F.
  • It’s three atmospheric, evaporative and ozone layers provide natural protection from the sunlight. This is why it is considered to be the only place on earth which sunlight is not harmful to the skin but rather therapeutic.
The Dead Sea Scrolls are also called the Qumran Cave Scrolls and were discovered more than 60 years ago. They are one of the most important finds in the history of modern archaeology. 
  • The Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in twelve different caves between 1946 and 1956.
  • The first discovery was made by Bedouin shepherd Muhammed edh-Dhib and his cousins. 
  • The studying of the Dead Sea Scrolls has enabled scholars to write about the history of Palestine, to shed new light on the relationship between early Christian and Jewish religious traditions.
  • The text of the Dead Sea Scrolls is written in  Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Nabataean languages.
Dead Sea Products
The Dead Sea Products consist of materials that are taken from out of the sea, such as salt, mud, and potash. Dead Sea Products include hair and nail products, facial products, skin exfoliating products, premier dead sea salt scrub, premier dead sea eye serum, and more.
  • Who discovered Dead Sea products? 
    • Ziva Gilad. She was a spa technician and she noticed that tourists were always using the mud from the dead sea for rejuvenating their skins and also collecting the mud and water to take home. After observing this operation for years, she decided to use the dead sea mud to make dead sea products for the cosmetic market.
  • Health Benefits
    • According to a study, cancer patients who have received treatment that consists of Dead Sea Products, have shown improvement. 
    • Researchers at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev said that the mud pack therapy can be used for “conventional medical therapy.”