Diamond exchange devotes day to cancer awareness

A BLUE diamond for sale at Sotheby’s in London, April 2018 (photo credit: HENRY NICHOLLS/REUTERS)
A BLUE diamond for sale at Sotheby’s in London, April 2018
On the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4, the Israel Diamond Exchange held an event for about 300 women, in collaboration with the One in Nine Association and the Israel Cancer Research Foundation.
“All my life, I have been devoted to escorting terminally ill patients and their families, raising funds and supporting cancer research in Israel,” said ICRF chairman Tamir Gilat, who has been a metastatic cancer patient for nine years, in his inspirational lecture “Living the Full Life.”
“I am always pleased to find that there are workplaces that invest in such important issues as these. I see this as a mission and hope that more organizations will encourage awareness and put the issue on their agenda.”
Diamond Exchange companies and senior executives, including president Yoram Dvash, CEO Eran Zini, Diamond Institute chairman Boaz Moldawsky and deputy president Hezi Blum, Gilat and women with breast cancer participated in the event.
The whole day was devoted to female empowerment. During the day, One in Nine held workshops for Diamond Exchange workers, and tutorials and tours of the exchange were given to the women dealing with breast cancer along with female workers at the exchange.
One in Nine Association CEO Sigal Ratzin said: “The association works to raise awareness of early and lifesaving detection, as well as providing support and assistance to women dealing with breast cancer and their families. Awareness is a first step for the women themselves and for the benefit of early detection.”
Blum closed the event, saying: “As one of the largest bodies in Israel with over 3,000 members, we see the importance of raising awareness about cancer, removing the routine issues from our desks to remember that our health and attention to preliminary examinations [are] most important. We appreciate the efforts of attorney Tamir Gilat on cancer research in Israel and will continue to support and help with the issue.”