Eurovision ticket sales to open tonight

Second round of tickets for competition in Tel Aviv will be sold in April.

Eurovision 2019 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Eurovision 2019
(photo credit: Courtesy)
After months of waiting and weeks of delays, ticket sales for this year's Eurovision in Tel Aviv are slated to open on Thursday at 8 p.m. local time.
The tickets, available at, will be sold for all three live shows as well as for two rehearsals for each shows - a total of nine possible events. A set number of tickets will be released for sale on Thursday, while the second round of tickets are slated to go on sale in April.
The tickets range in price from NIS 300 for a rehearsal for one of the semi-finals, to NIS 2,000 for a spot in the "VIP green room" during the grand finale on May 18.
In total, about 4,300 tickets will be sold to each of the shows, while an additional 1,500 spots are available in the green room - only during the live shows - where fans can watch on screens along with the contestants from all 41 countries.
The cheapest ticket for the live grand finale is NIS 1,150, and seats are also available for NIS 1,500 and NIS 1,700. Tickets for the live semi-finals cost NIS 750-1,250, while tickets for the semi-final rehearsals range in price from NIS 300-1,000.
Each of the live shows - on May 14, 16 and 18 - will begin at 10pm at the Expo Tel Aviv. The two rehearsals are held a night earlier at 10pm and the afternoon of the show at 4pm. Therefore the two rehearsal shows for the grand finale are on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, and range in price from NIS 750-1,250.