Jewish, Christian faith leaders discuss Evangelical role in UAE deal

For many Evangelical Christians, and many others in America, there is one core value that unites them – support for the State of Israel.

IFCJ head Yael Eckstein and Reverend Johnnie Moore discuss Evangelical role in UAE deal
In an interview with Jerusalem Post news editor Maayan Hoffman at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference, Yael Eckstein, head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, thanked Evangelical Christians for the assistance that they have provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“When the COVID-19 crisis hit, said Eckstein, “I didn’t know how Fellowship donors would respond. This was the first time there was an emergency in Israel that was not only in Israel, but one that our donors were facing as well. They were facing the same emergency.” After identifying a need to provide for the elderly and others affected by the closure, the fellowship opened a special $20 million COVID-19 emergency crisis fund while continuing its other programs.
As a result, the fellowship was able to provide 150,000 Jews in desperate need with food for Rosh Hashanah, and has continued its weekly food deliveries to 30,000 elderly Jews. The support that Evangelical Christians have provided during this difficult time, said Eckstein, illustrates how they are Israel’s greatest friends and strategic partners.
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Reverend Johnnie Moore, one of US President Donald Trump’s faith advisers, also participated in the interview, and explained that for Evangelical Christians, “the Bible points the eyes of Evangelicals to Israel.” Moore, who attended the signing of the Israel peace accords with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain last week, said that the mention of religious freedom in the first paragraph of the Abraham Accords shows that “religion was not viewed as a problem, but as an asset. It was not off the table. It was part of the process.”
Moore added that the bridge between Evangelical Christians and the State of Israel was built by Yael’s father, the late rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder of the fellowship. Yael Eckstein said that for many Evangelical Christians, as well as many others in America, there is one core value that unites them – support for the State of Israel.