'Fauda' to be remade in India

This version will examine the conflict between India and Pakistan.

Fauda  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
The Israeli television series Fauda – about a counterterrorism unit operating in the West Bank and Gaza that has become a huge international hit on Netflix – will be adapted into an Indian version, The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Thursday.
The new version, which will examine the conflict between India and Pakistan, will be made by Mumbai-based Applause Entertainment, a company that has made Indian versions of The Office, Criminal Justice and Hostages.
Applause Entertainment will partner with YES Studios, which created the original Israeli series. It will go into production next year and its release is planned for late 2020.
Fauda, which means “chaos” in Arabic, was developed by Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, and was inspired by their experiences in the IDF.
Fauda debuted on Israel’s YES cable network in 2015. Its thrilling action and intricate story of the undercover unit’s missions, and the parallel story of the Palestinians they face off against was immediately popular in Israel. It has been widely reported to be something of a guilty pleasure among many Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, who enjoy that about half the series is in Arabic and that the Palestinian characters are complex.
“Fauda has been an integral part of our professional and personal lives, and we’re extremely excited that it is being remade for another country and language,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted a statement by Issacharoff. “India is creating some exciting digital content, and this association with Applause Entertainment will help take Fauda to a different territory and wider audience base.”
Raz, who also stars in the show, was quoted saying, “Fauda is extremely authentic and real. I’m sure Indian audiences will be enthralled by the realistic and detailed world created in this carefully thought-out adaptation. I’m also excited to know who will play Doron.” Doron is the character he portrays on the show. Raz will be seen on the big screen next month in Michael Bay’s action thriller 6 Underground.
YES Studios managing director Danna Stern told The Hollywood Reporter that she was certain that Applause would do justice to the Indian version and would capture the spirit of Fauda.
The third season of Fauda finished shooting in June. It is expected to be shown soon on YES in Israel, and to start streaming on Netflix about four months later. For the first time, part of the show takes place in the Gaza Strip.