Gal Gadot fights vampire in a new ad

Gal Gadot is many things — superstar actress known for playing Wonder Woman, model and pitchwoman, IDF veteran, unofficial goodwill ambassador for Israel— and now she’s a fearless vampire hunter.

Gal Gadot has been many things – superstar actress known for playing Wonder Woman, model and pitchwoman, IDF veteran, unofficial goodwill ambassador for Israel – and now, she’s a fearless vampire hunter.
At least she plays one in her new commercial for the HOT cable network, where she chases Zion Baruch, the star of the hit show Juda, in which he plays a small-time mobster who is turned into a vampire.
HOT released two clips of the show on Instagram. In the first, which is a teaser for a longer ad, Gadot drives a red car with white stripes, one that looks like a Cooper Mini, through a parking garage (or a vampire bat cave?) as Baruch (playing Juda) jumps onto the car, baring his fangs and flaunting a fur coat.
In a second video released by HOT, Gadot rehearses the company’s English slogan, “There’s no place like HOT.”
In a behind-the-scenes video released on Good Evening with Guy Pines, Gadot is shown saying the line, “You need to think fast, and react fast,” and then criticizing herself, saying, “That was terrible” before she tries the line again.
Good Evening showed Gadot and Baruch playing a video game together and asked her how she likes working in Hebrew. “It’s so much fun and so comfortable,” she says, adding that she enjoyed working with friends.
Baruch, who is 15 cm. shorter than the statuesque actress and model who is most famous for playing an Amazon warrior, stood on a box in order to play opposite her. He said he also dreams of international stardom, thinking that if Gadot, a girl from Rosh Ha’ayin, could make it abroad, then so could a guy from Ramle. Baruch noted that wherever he goes outside of Israel, everyone wants to know if he is a friend of Gadot.
Good Evening also reported that Gadot is paid NIS 1 million a year to promote HOT, but says that is the least lucrative of her many promotional contracts. Among the products for which she is a spokesmodel are Revlon cosmetics, Reebok and Asus computers. Just last week, it was announced she would take over from Jennifer Aniston to pitch Smartwater and will be featured in the brand’s first commercial and on a Times Square billboard.
It was a typically busy week for Gadot, whose production company, Pilot Wave, will start producing a short-form documentary series for National Geographic channel Nat Geo. Called #impact, it will tell the stories of young women who have overcome obstacles and achieved extraordinary things. Entertainment One and RPC Films will join Pilot Wave in producing this series for National Geographic.
Now that Gadot has conquered the worlds of designer water, documentary television and vampire hunting, what can be next for Gadot – taking down a werewolf?