Handicapped activist beaten by angry driver

Hana Akiva, a wheelchair-bound woman, was struck on her one healthy arm. The attacker was arrested by police and taken for further questioning.

Handicapped protestor Hana Akiva after being beaten by angry driver
Handicapped activist Hana Akiva was attacked by an angry driver on Sunday for taking part in a protest during which highway four was blocked. Akiva was approaching drivers on the highway who were unable to go anywhere because the handicapped protesters were blocking the road. She attempted to explain to them the reason for the protest.
A man assaulted her, hitting her on her only healthy hand and tried to attack a cameraman who was present. He was arrested by the police and taken to further questioning.
Akiva is pressing charges against the man. 
The handicapped group which is leading the struggle gave a statement to the media in which they apologized to the drivers in Israel for [the fact] the drivers had become “the hostages of [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and [Finance Minister Moshe] Kahlon."
Handicapped protesters demonstrate before pro-PM rally. AVSHALOM SASSONI/MAARIV
“Very few drivers do not support out protest and realize it is the only tool we have in this struggle,” the group went on to claim. “We have nothing left to lose.”
The group, called in Hebrew "The Handicapped have become Panthers,” is inspired by the Israeli chapter of the Black Panthers movement – which used non-violent protest to fight for the rights of Jews who came to Israel from Arab and Islamic countries and believed they were mistreated by the mostly European Jewish Israeli establishment.
The handicapped protesters took to the street to fight the Israeli government's postponement of an increase in benefits to handicapped people who can't work to the legal minimum monthly wage in Israel [5,000 nis, roughly 1,420 USD].