IDF calls on civilians to return military equipment

Civilians have from March 20 to April 2015 to return all gear, including weapons, without any punishment.

IDF members serve as key volunteers at Chasdei Naomi (photo credit: Courtesy)
IDF members serve as key volunteers at Chasdei Naomi
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The IDF is launching a new drive next week aimed at getting civilians to return all illegally possessed military equipment, and preventing them from reaching terrorists and criminals.
Brig.-Gen. Yoram Azulai, head of the IDF Technological and Logistics Directorate, said on Wednesday that the drive would begin on March 20, and last until April 2015.
During that time, civilians holding any military equipment, from firearms and ammunition to flares and stun grenades, can return them to 107 IDF bases and police stations, which are listed on the website, and available on the *2972 hotline.
The last such drive occurred in 2008, and saw some 7 million shekels worth of equipment returned, Azulai said. "We are after Operations Pillar of Defense and Protective Edge, and after restructuring, which has led to the closure of many units," he said. "I would like to remind civilians that holding this equipment is illegal. During the drive, anyone can return equipment anonymously. After it is over, we will increase enforcement," he said.
The drive will be assisted by the Israel Police, Azulai added. He said he believed a good portion of the equipment in civilian homes includes weapons, ammunition, and goggles. "We expect these things to be returned. Anyone who is unable to safely transfer them to a collection point can contact us on *7292, and we will come to them and safely pick it up."