IDF indicts lone soldier for aiding Livvix with obtaining weapons to attack Islamic sites

Lone soldier accused of providing Adam Everett Livvix with ammunition earlier this month indicted.

Adam Everett Livvix (photo credit: Courtesy)
Adam Everett Livvix
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The IDF legal division announced on Sunday that it has filed an indictment against a lone soldier who allegedly provided explosive bricks and stun grenades to an American fugitive, who claimed he planned to blow up Islamic holy sites in Israel.
The soldier, who also holds American citizenship and whose name is still under gag order, was indicted this past Wednesday for taking weapons out of the army’s possession, illegal weapons transactions and other crimes, but the indictment was only announced Sunday.
The American fugitive, Adam Everett Livvix, a Christian who is wanted in the United States for questioning on drug-related charges, was indicted on December 9 by the Netanya Magistrate’s Court for illegal possession of arms and for being an undocumented alien.
He also faces two other indictments on weapons charges.
In October 2014, Livvix moved into the Netanya apartment of the IDF soldier, said the IDF indictment.
Soon after, he asked the soldier if he could help him acquire weapons, which the Netanya indictment says included 1.4 kg. of explosive bricks.
The two indictments indicate that, shortly after Livvix moved in with the soldier, he asked him to acquire stun grenades for him, saying they were “so he could protect himself from Arabs while he was working in Jerusalem.”
The soldier agreed and stole six stun grenades as well as tear gas canisters and smoke grenades from his IDF base and gave them to Livvix, said the Netanya indictment.
Later, the soldier stole two explosive bricks and fuses, and supplied the first brick and the grenades to Livvix in exchange for NIS 2,500, the indictments indicated. Livvix made his soldier roommate a down payment of NIS 500, the Netanya indictment added.
The IDF announcement said the case regarding the soldier was a joint effort of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), the Military Police and the IDF prosecution.
Livvix was apprehended by police on November 19 while trying to flee a raid on his apartment, during which he leaped from the seventh-floor apartment to the balcony of the floor below, where he was arrested.
In their court statement regarding Livvix’s case in early December, representatives of the Shin Bet and Israel Police said Livvix is from Texas, but there are other indications he is from Illinois, including an online obituary for a man who appears to be his late father.
His sister in Illinois, contacted by The Jerusalem Post, did not know about his indictment and said she needed to speak to her family before talking to the press.
According to the Netanya indictment, Livvix arrived in Israel on a tourist visa on March 7, 2013, while on the run from US law enforcement.
He moved to Palestinian-controlled areas in Bethlehem and Hebron, where he was offered, but rejected, involvement in a plot to assassinate US President Barack Obama.
He also admitted to making initial preparations for terrorist attacks against Islamic holy sites in Israel. None of the allegations mention specific targets, and it is unclear if Livvix had actually plotted any specific attacks.
Additional allegations against Livvix involve him working with three other soldiers and persons to acquire other brick explosives and C-4 plastic explosives for relatively low prices.
Ben Hartman contributed to this report.