ISRAEL21c starts DIY Independence Day exhibit

Nonprofit creates an exposition on 18 ways Jewish state is changing the world.

A WOMAN appears to walk by the displays of Israeli innovation and creativity. (photo credit: Courtesy)
A WOMAN appears to walk by the displays of Israeli innovation and creativity.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, an Israeli nonprofit has come up with a solution: a do it yourself exhibition that anyone can put on, anywhere.
ISRAEL21c’s “18 Ways Israel is Changing the World,” shows off Israeli innovation and creativity at its best. It’s a stunning and sometimes surprising look at some of the many ways Israel is helping the world.
The exhibit includes displays on companies such as Insightec, which has developed a technique of surgery without scalpels, and SoftWheel, which has developed revolutionary wheels that enable wheelchairs to go down stairs.
There’s an item about a camera that lets rescue workers see through walls, and an item on Israelis who go undercover to save Syrian lives.
“There are many Israelis who are doing tremendous things worldwide, but people know very little about them,” says Nicky Blackburn, editor of ISRAEL21c, a longtime content partner of The Jerusalem Post. “We wanted to share their stories, and to show the world some of the good things that are emanating from Israel.
“Israel often gets an unfair rap in the world’s media, and this is a visually eye-catching and effective way to tell a different story about the country, and to fight the delegitimization of Israel,” she continues.
The exhibition includes 18 full-color images and is available on ISRAEL21c’s website. Users can download the exhibition and print it to whatever size they require.
Print posters include QR links to further reading material. It’s also available online, for anyone who wants to stage the exhibition on a computer, laptop or even a mobile device.
“The response has been phenomenal,” says Blackburn. “We’ve had organizations and individuals contacting us from America, South Africa and Europe. And the range of events planned is very exciting – rallies, parades, in classrooms, lobbies, parties, events – you name it. People have clearly been looking for something like this.”
The exhibition was launched in time for Independence Day, but can be used all year round.
ISRAEL21c has also introduced a beautiful video to celebrate the country’s 68th anniversary, showing some of the most unforgettable places across Israel.