Israeli quadruple murder suspect: 'I am a cat'

Nazareth court extends remand of Nadav Sela, who is suspected of murdering his wife, two sons and a neighbor's child in the northern town of Migdal.

Man in handcuffs - illustrative (photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
Man in handcuffs - illustrative
(photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
The Nazereth Magistrate’s Court extended the remand of alleged quadruple murderer Nadav Sela, 28, by 15 days on Wednesday.
Sela is suspected of murdering his wife, Dor Karsanti, 23,  his two sons, Yosef, 2, and 8-month-old Binyamin, as well as Nachman Atia, 11, in the northern town of Migdal late in January. Nachman's brother Natan, 10, was also stabbed and wounded, but survived.
Prior to entering court, Sela spoke with the media saying, “I am a cat,” before getting down on his hands and knees. Sela also said, “I have sinned committing adultery.” The court ordered Sela to be placed under continued psychiatric monitoring and evaluation.

Sela was found and arrested in a field some 250 meters from his apartment where the four victims were found dead at the scene by paramedics.
Natan, 10, told first responders that he played dead and was able to escape the apartment through a window with only light wounds.
Israel Atia, the father of Nachman and Natan who lives in Sela’s neighborhood was quoted by Channel 2 as saying "the father, who is the suspect in the murders invited the children to a Shabbat meal."
The suspect's family released a statement in which they said they were shocked and in pain from the magnitude of the tragedy.
"We cannot, and will never be able to comprehend and wake up from the nightmare that is encompassing us. We cannot atone for this loathsome act and we all sympathize with everyone's feelings," the statement read. "We ask for forgiveness and absolution, and you, our grandchildren and daughter-in-law, and the son of our dear neighbors, may you rest in peace.”
Nahman Atia was laid to rest at the Migdal cemetery last Sunday afternoon. His brother Nathan attended the funeral after being released from the hospital Sunday for treatment of injuries received in the attack that killed Nahman.
Karsanti and her two children were laid to rest at the town's cemetery. According to The Jerusalem Post sister paper Ma'ariv, relatives of Karsanti's husband, the suspected murderer, were not present at the funeral. 
The suspect's state-appointed attorney, Erez Moskowitz, called the incident "a serious tragedy.”