Jerusalem kindergarten, cab-driver caught in tax fraud

According to the Tax Authority, 26% of Jerusalem business engage in tax fraud.

money (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
During a Friday inspection, workers of the Tax Authority noticed a shop-keeper in Jerusalem failed to register payments, a Tax Authority press release said. 
When asked, the man instructed his employee to say he knows nothing about it. 
The worker, who also works as a cab driver, was found to carry five checks to the sum of 100,540 nis, these checks too were not reported anywhere. 
The inspection checked 61 businesses and revealed 26% of them fail to report their earnings as legally required. 
In a kindergarten checks in the sum of 109,200 nis dated from September were found. The kindergarten teacher claimed she usually reports the checks after she cashes them. 
The inspection was carried out as part of the undergoing effort by the Tax Authority to fight tax-fraud.