Something to go on: Jerusalem opens new self-cleaning public restrooms

15 new public restrooms are coming to Jerusalem

Public restrooms in Jerusalem (photo credit: SANITATION DIVISION/JERUSALEM MUNICIPALITY)
Public restrooms in Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Municipality has announced that it will be opening new public restrooms to allow for more comfortable movement throughout the city for residents and visitors.
The program to open such facilities was valued at approximately NIS 10 million and would add 15 public restroom buildings to the 50 other existing ones to date.
"The construction of new public toilet buildings is intended for the wellbeing of the capital's residents and tourists who are expected to visit it," said Mayor Moshe Lion. "We are continuing with the hygienic reform and are raising the level of service for the residents and visitors so that they may enjoy visiting, travelling and enjoying the spectacular beauty of Jerusalem."
The new facilities will be sprawled throughout the city, from Nahalat Shiv'a to Pisgat Zeev and from Armon Hanatziv to Kiryat Moshe.
The restrooms are intended to be innovative and modern in design at what the municipality describes as a "high standard" to provide the most comfortable accessibility for the public.
The multitude of bathrooms is intended to make movement throughout the city more comfortable, as those moving around would oftentimes have the necessary facilities at hand if needed.
A large portion of the new restrooms will also have baby changing stations, while additional restrooms will have the ability to automatically clean and disinfect.
The self-cleaning restrooms are designed by MPS, which designs vandal-proof and self-cleaning toilets for use throughout Europe. The restrooms by MPS are characterized by extremely easy maintenance, since it washes the floor and toilet on its own after every use.