Judea and Samaria police commander resigns abruptly for personal reasons

Israel Police denies reports that Michael decided to resign because of allegations of sexual harassment.

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(photo credit: Courtesy)
Amid a wave of terrorist attacks centered largely in the West Bank, the police commander of the Judea and Samaria district announced his resignation on Tuesday, after more than three decades of public service.
Asst.-Ch. Shlomi Michael made the announcement only nine months after he was appointed head of the district in February.
“I made a personal decision to resign after 33 years of meaningful and challenging service in a series of roles,” Michael said on Tuesday, giving no further explanation.
Michael informed acting Police Commissioner Asst.- Ch. Bentzi Sau of his desire to resign weeks earlier, but only informed his officers on Tuesday.
The date he will step down will be determined after new police chief Roni Alsheich begins his term and appoints a replacement for Michael, police said.
The resignation will end a career spent in some of the defense establishment’s most elite units. Michael previously served for three years as the commander of the Border Police’s Yamam anti-terror unit, and before that, was the head of the Israel Police’s undercover unit.
The previous commander of the Judea and Samaria district, Asst.-Ch. Kobi Cohen, was forced to resign in January, after he was questioned by Justice Ministry investigators on suspicion of sexual harassment, on the basis of allegations that he offered to promote a female police officer in exchange for sex.