Man sentenced to 27 years in prison for child-rape, judge calls him evil

The man raped his step-daughter since she was 11 years old. The ring of abuse included the child’s mother as well as a neighbor.

Rape [illustration] 370 (photo credit: Ingimage)
Rape [illustration] 370
(photo credit: Ingimage)
The Beersheba court sentenced a man for 27 years in prison for the continuing rape of his 11 year old step-daughter for a period of 17 years. The man forced pregnancy on the girl to ensure she will not be able to break away from him. She was not only sexually abused by her father, but by her own mother, and a neighbor living in the same building.
The mother of the girl was sentenced to a decade in prison, and the neighbor, who was the mother of other girls who were abused, sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.
In addition to raising and abusing his own daughter,  the man also attended to the daughters of his neighbor on occasion, and when the neighbor's girls were between the ages of eight and ten, he took part in sexually abusing them too. This was something that not only the neighbor was aware of, but took part in herself before the girls were taken away by the welfare authorities.
All three perpetrates were made to compensate the man and the woman's daughter, further known as the victim, in the sum of  NIS 400,000.
In addition to being sexually abused, the victim was forced to seek employment at the age of 15, her abusive parents made her give over all of  her earnings.
As a result of the on-going sexual assaults by her parents, the victim gave birth to a son who was subsequently raised by the girl's father and mother and passed off as their own.
At some point the victim begged the man to end her life and kill her using a kitchen knife to end the abuse. However this did cause the man to stop raping her, he instead physically assaulted her until she was able to leave the home.
Judge Alon Zinfeld wrote about the “evil heart” of the man in his verdict when discussing his decision to force pregnancy on the young girl.
“The only means given to us by the legislator is a prolonged prison sentence,” he said, “as we have no other, we will use it.”